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A Reference Letter for Maxeen Campbell

                                                                                           To Whom it May Concern
I was fortunate enough to be having lunch in 2009 with a colleague who was planning my baby moon to Italy. He asked if my husband and I had a baby nurse lined up, and I laughingly responded that we didn’t need one. Not only did he insist that we get one and assure me that it would be the best money we ever spent, but he insisted that we hire Maxeen Campbell who had taken care of both of his children as babies. Fortunately for us, Maxeen was available and we hired her to stay with us for 6 weeks. We loved her so much that she was the first call we made 2 years later when we found out we were having another baby. Here’s what she did for us both times: • Taught us how to feed, clean and care for the baby • Put us and our baby on a schedule • Sleep trained both of our babies so that they were sleeping through the night at 7 weeks old – BOTH! • Made us laugh • Stayed out of our way so that we forgot she was even there half the time • Allowed us to get several hours of sleep (we even snuck out on several date nights because she wanted to make sure our marriage wasn’t all about the baby) • Allowed me to get my body and sanity back so that I wasn’t the sleep deprived, hormonal mess my friends had been With our without her, we were going to be parents of these two children. The difference is that with her, we were able to enjoy the time, get one-on-one instruction and advice, and find our way with a soft-spoken yet confident expert guiding us. Maxeen is special. We are so lucky to have been introduced to her. All of our friends ended up using her and felt just as lucky as we did. Please feel free to phone us if you have additional questions. If you are lucky enough to fit into her schedule, you will be so grateful you hired her. We loved having her help and remain very close to her today.

Best Stephanie Goldsmith

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