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Let Us Protect Our Family


Psalm 107:1  "Oh Give Thanks Unto The Lord For He Is Good, His Mercy Endureth For Ever."

Maxeen V. Campbell 
Licensed | VA-SCS ID-S3853894- New York Authentication ID #1409050308
CEO | Director | Baby Nurse | Pediatric Child Care Specialists | Sleep Specialists | Licensed
Practical Nurse (LPN) | Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) | Home Health Aide (HHA) | Childcare
Management Certified | Basic Psychology | CPR/BLS Certified | Infant Safety Certified (ID-xV4D3B863CMN} 

Baby Nurse Certified |Training Instructor Award - National Association Of Professional Women/ -V.I.P. Woman of the Year 2014-2015. 



Maxeen is a Baby Nurse who specialize in Triplets, Twins and Singletons, I have invested current educational, learning which including OB-GYN seminars. In addition to my on going learning and education I've utilized baby videos, and I'm constantly updating my knowledge and “Childcare” library, reading, listening to parent’s experiences, talking and sharing information with them while also building relationships with Doctors and Pediatricians.

My caring, tender nurturing toward new born babies has given me the ability to be a successful and effective Baby Nurse/Childcare Management and Sleep Specialist. All Baby Nurses are trained and coached by me, and my staff  receives the full benefit of my over seventeen years experience and over a hundred babies that I have cared for.

The trustworthiness from the parents with their most valuable person in the world, speaks volumes of how they are comfortable and safe with me caring for their new born babies.


This makes the parents involve in playing the more pivotal part of Baby Nurse International, which makes me the best and most sought after Baby Nurses in the industry.

*Excellent people skills and knowledge on babies

*Childcare Management and planning

*Baby massages

*Umbilical stump care


*Latching on

*Engorgement, Breast Massages techniques and     home treatments, plus Mastitis

*Special needs childcare


*Sterilization*Infection control


*Swaddling techniques

*Monitoring of weight gain and lost

*Motor skills


*Diapering and Bathing

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Baby Nurse International LLC SCC ID-S3853894 

 Website Designed and Created by Maxeen.V. Campbell

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