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Our Services


            Our Servies Includes But Are Not Limited To

Overnight Care (11-12 hours): 

*24 hour Care:  Plus 10% Of Acculimilated Rate/Finders Fee

*Hourly Day Time Care ONLY: NY/CT 

*What is Included In Total Infant Care?

*Included But Not Limited To

*Changing, bathing

*Sleep training

*Breastfeeding & positioning

*Newborn Infant Stages of Development 0-6mos.

*Calming a Fussy Baby and Understanding Colic

*Hygiene & Infection Control


*Newborn Health & Safety  

*CPR (updated guideline)

*Recommended Supplies

*Developing a schedule & routine for newborn

*Recording baby's feed schedule
*Massages for newborns
*Calming fussy baby
*When to call the Doctor and handling emergencies
*Coping with Separation Anxiety
*Sudden Infant death syndrome, (SIDS/SBS) Shaken baby
*Syndrome prevention
*Childcare Health & Safety awareness
*Apnea (New)
*Acid reflux
*Development activities for baby
*Umbilical stump and circumcision care procedures,
*Infant laundry
*Sterilization of the bottles/pump

Helping Parents Catch Up On Much Needed Rest








At night, the Newborn Specialist feeds by bottle or brings the baby to the mom for nursing, after nursing, the Newborn Specialist burps, changes diaper (if needed), swaddles, and settles the baby back to sleep, some babies do get fussy and may stay up for longer periods, which would be the job of the Newborn Specialist to comfort the baby, while the mother sleeps.

The Baby Nurse assists the mother with all of the day-to-day care of your new baby needs. A Newborn Specialist educates and supports parents to care for their new infant with the goal of establishing a practical routine that leaves the family feeling settled and comfortable.

Typically, one of our key objectives are to help transition the baby to a regular feeding and stretched sleeping routine, that allows the baby to sleep hours at a time, at the earliest stage of baby’s life The Newborn Specialist usually will sleep in the baby’s room or in a guest room, equipped with a crib or a basenet, in order to provide immediate response to your infant’s needs. Sleeping arrangements are part of what is decided during pre-birth interviews and discussions in order to make the transition more convenient and less disruptive to the household.


Breast Feeding & Engorgement

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The Baby Nurse Behild BNI


Other Services Provided

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