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It all started, when first travelled, then migrated to the USA, from the beautiful island of Jamaica, in the West Indies, over 21 years ago, i worked in Florida, living between two uncles, managing one of my uncles business, by helping him to put things into place, meeting a lady, who had encouraged me to own my own business, a condition that stood in my thoughts for years. i returned to Jamaica for a year, then returned to live in New York, working for one of the staffs of Estee Lauder workers in Long Island, then to work with the Galowitz family in Westchester, who had decided to file for me in 1999, while taking care of their young toddler daughter and infant son.

That was rather a challenge that i took seriously, with me working for a movie star and singer N. Frankavilla in Rye NY. at random on a tuesday and thursday for hours per day, behold, that was where the thoughts of becoming the USA's best Newborn Specialist, with now over her 100th babies in over 21 years+ of proudly being a Baby Nurse, (Childcare Specialist). Maxeen is a Mother of three beautiful children and is a young grandmother.

While observing the significant benefits afforded to the families every time I am on an assignment and the desire to train, coach and empower parents to fully understand the art of caring for their newborns, which brings me so much joy. I was so inspired to give only of my best, to the caring of newborn, who cannot speak up for themselves, but what I love most is the feelings that I have observing their growth, the way in which they thrive, from a tiny baby to a fast growing 3 or 6 months old, their smiles, their personality. Helping children (and their families) is the most rewarding job I can think of! ... Knowing that my job is to help kids achieve their fullest potentials and to help parents feel happiest and better about themselves, even after I leave, which brings a huge smile to my face and helps me sleep better at nights, an attribute which have also driven me to expand my horizon and use my vast experience, training, skill and my endearing love for babies, and the pleasure in starting up Baby Nurse International LLC. (BNI).

Finally I came up with the best empowered training and placement resources Locally and Internationally.  

This Is My Story

Psalms 5:12 Surely, Lord, You Bless The Righteous, You Surround Them With Your Favor As With A Shield.

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