If at anytime a parent need to ask a question, please feel free to go to our contact page and send us a message. below are a few, we hope that they will clear up any doubt, that you may have.




Q. Who is a Baby Nurse and what are her responsibilities?

A. Baby Nurses are medical trained, but limited to the in-home care for  infant specialist with extensive hands-on infant experience. She assist new parents with day-to-day care of their newborn. Additionally, a baby nurse will educate and empower parents on caring for their newborn baby, establishing an feeding and sleeping schedule for the baby, and provide assistance to breast feeding mothers, also answeres any questions that parents are nervous about, based on her  experience and care.



Q. What if after the Baby Nurse leaves my baby is still not sleeping through the night ?

A. The amount of time agreed for a Baby Nurse to be with a family is always important, a schedule can or cannot be established due to the time spent with a family, as all babies are not the same, there are babies who will adapt to a schedule in two weeks and there are babies who will take a while longer to adapt, in order to get your baby sleeping through the night early, a Baby Nurse needs to be confirmed for atleast eight to twelve weeks. but our Baby Nurses are there to establish a good schedule, and ensure that your baby, (with confirmed time) get on a schedule, by working ardeously to get the job done.​

Q. What if my baby is delivered  very early or late?
A. Baby Nurse International is a company that our nurses are always on the move, a company as established as ours has always gotten recommendations and placements from our well trained Baby Nurses and we live by our words. If a mother is exteramly late or too early, a replacement will be provided to work.

"Many are trained to analyze a problem, BNI workers are trained to Analyze  and creat a solution for the problem."



Q. Why does my baby cries so much?


Babies cry for different reasons, but the only language a baby know, is to cry, it could be that they are either hot, cold, needs attention, wet, poop, have a temperature, is hungry, sick, sad, has colic, gassy, tired, needs a burp or that they are over or under stimulated.










Q. Will i get the Baby nurse that i need when it is time for me to have my baby?


Once you are confirmed to have a special Baby Nurse work with you, that date is secured for you, unless your baby arrive early or if there are any emergency and the Nurse became unavailable. 




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