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If at anytime a parent need to ask a question, please feel free to go to our contact page and send us a message. below are a few, we hope that they will clear up any doubt, that you may have.


To begin your Baby Nurse placement, contact us if you want to bypass the long wait, fill out form here--> HERE and or use our Information--> Communication Via -->Number or via Email you within 12-24 hours to set up your family’s phone/facetime consultation available. NOTE: When we are in the process matching you with a Baby Nurse, we will discuss the type of Baby Nurse that will be the best match for your family, as some Nurses Strictly specializes in Sleep Schedules.
Here are some helpful Baby Nurse FAQ’s To get you started above:
NOTE: We offer 8-12/0r 24 hours in home services, available in New York City/Boroughs only and 24 Hours Daily in and out of State. All rates are different and subject to change.
Q. Who is a Baby Nurse/Newborn Specialist /Baby Nurse, includes, but not limited to provide the extra set of hands a parent will need during the first few weeks of your newborn’s life. 
A.  Newborn Specialist help to transition the mother from the hospital settings to a comfortable in home routine, by providing assistance during the post-delivery recovery period; assisting with all aspects of newborn care including feeding, assist parents with the day-to-day care of their new baby for a few weeks up to several months. The Specialist (Baby Nurse) provides overnight (7-12 hours), daytime or night hours, and 24-hour care. A Baby Nurse/ Newborn Specialist is experienced/trained and/or has a certification. Many Baby Nurses will have additional certifications like: HHAs, CNAs or LPNs. Most Baby Nurses also have their CPR certification.
A Baby Nurse is a non-medical professional who lives in or out of your home, upon the arrival of the new mother from the hospital.  
Every Baby Nurse is different and has a range of newborn and infant care experience, that are paid differently. In general, she will have extensive practical experience with newborns, and current knowledge of accepted practices in newborn care, including lactation support, Infant CPR & First Aid, and knowledge of early childhood development.
Q. Will i get the Baby nurse that i need when it is time for me to have my baby?
Once you are confirmed to have a special Baby Nurse work with you, that date is secured for you, unless your baby arrive early or if there are any emergency and the Nurse became unavailable.
Q. What is the typical length of stay for a Baby Nurse with a family?
A. The duration of the Baby Nurse’s time in your home will be your decision.  The position of Baby Nurse is temporary in nature. A typical assignment will range between 3 – 12 weeks, longer for preemies, multiples and special needs infants.
Q.  Will the Baby Nurse put my baby on a schedule?
A.  The Baby Nurse can put your baby on a schedule, if this is something you prefer, but the Baby Nurses job is to ensure that the baby has long sleep stretches at nights, without regression in the end, while teaching the new parents to do the same.  However, if you prefer not to work with a schedule, the Baby Nurse will fit into the plan what your desires are for your baby. 
Q.  When I’m using 24-hour care, when does the Baby Nurse sleep?
A. The Baby Nurse will sometimes take a nap when the baby is sleeping.  It is also customary that she be allowed a 4-5 hour break per each 24-hour period in which she can decide to sleep or leave the premises, for her down time.
Q. What accommodations are required for the Baby Nurse?
A. For 24-hour care, the Baby Nurse will take a nap when the baby is sleeping.  It is also customary to provide a suitable pull out couch or bed for the Baby Nurse (We highly advise against using an Air Mattress) as back aches are too prominent for a long term. It is your choice to have the Baby Nurse sleep in the room with the baby or in a separate room or living space with a baby monitor, preferable on the same floor.  For overnight shifts you can request the Baby Nurse to stay in the baby’s room or you can choose to provide the Baby Nurse with a separate sleep/living space with a baby monitor on the same floor, where she can read, work on the computer, or watch TV after her other duties are finished and the baby is sound asleep.
Q.  Am I required to provide the Baby Nurse with meals?
A. With 24-hour care it is customary to provide the Baby Nurse with food.  For overnight care, it is not required, but due to hospitality, if you would like, you can have snacks, tea and or drinks available for the Baby Nurse or give her permission to bring foods or drinks she likes. Please be sure to discuss all kitchen rules before the Nurse/Specialist starts.
Q. Can I have the Baby Nurse travel with our family on vacation?
A. Yes. make sure that it is agreed upon prior to hire, for travel clearance. All expenses for the Baby Nurse’s food, travel, plus an increase 20% in state is expected, International travels are a bit more as agreed with Baby Nurse. etc. are the responsibility of the family. 
Q.  How is the Baby Nurse paid?
A. The family is responsible for ALL payments through Baby Nurse International at the end of each week based on a weekly salary agreed on through (BNI).
Q. Does the Baby Nurses work on holidays?
A. Some Baby Nurses will work on the major holidays, depends, with an increase rate of 20% -25% of daily income which we need to be discussed prior to hire.
Q.  When Baby Nurses work on holidays, do they get paid time and a half?
A. Yes,  it is customary that the Baby Nurse should be paid time and a half for the following holidays:      New Year’s Day (Jan 1) Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day,  Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Day The Day After Thanksgiving, (If They Decide To Work) Christmas Day (If They Choose To Work) Some Baby Nurse asked for more during Thanksgiving If worked, 20%-@25% , Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day 20%-25%, as those days they usually spend with their family.
Q.  Do I need to pay taxes on my Baby Nurse?
A. For all tax and payroll matters the family should consult their accountant or we can recommend a Payroll provider to speak to and they can guide you through the process via free phone consultation.
Q. Is tipping the Baby Nurse required?
A. Tipping your Baby Nurse is customary. Some clients’ tips between 10%-15% of the total job assignment which is standard, and some clients shows their appreciation to the nurses in different ways.
Q.  What is the going rate for a Baby Nurse in the Greater New York Area?
A. Baby Nurse Pay can range between $260 and $400 depends on the hours, also the rate can vary based on your family’s needs and the Baby Nurse’s experience and salary expectations. These are not set rates but are reflective of current industry standards. The rate will be determined between the family, consultation, and the Baby Nurse.
Q. What if my baby is delivered  very early or late?
A. Baby Nurse International is a company that our nurses are always on the move, a company as established as ours has always gotten recommendations and placements from our well trained Baby Nurses and we live by our words. If a mother is extremely late or too early, a replacement will be provided to work.
Q. Why does my baby cries so much?
A. Babies cry for different reasons, but the only language a baby know, is to cry, it could be that they are either hot, cold, needs attention, wet, poop, have a temperature, is hungry, sick, sad, has colic, gassy, tired, needs a burp or that they are over or under stimulated.
Q. What if after the Baby Nurse leaves my baby is still not sleeping through the night?
A. The amount of time agreed for a Baby Nurse to be with a family is always important, a schedule can or cannot be established due to the time spent with a family, as all babies are not the same, there are babies who will adapt to a schedule in two weeks and there are babies who will take a while longer to adapt, in order to get your baby sleeping through the night early, a Baby Nurse needs to be confirmed for at least eight to twelve weeks. but our Baby Nurses are there to establish a good schedule, and ensure that your baby, (with confirmed time) get on a schedule, by working arduously to get the job done. ​
Q. Who is a Baby Nurse and what are her responsibilities?
A. Baby Nurses are medical trained but limited to the in-home care for infant specialist with extensive hands-on infant experience. She assists new parents with day-to-day care of their newborn. Additionally, a baby nurse will educate and empower parents on caring for their newborn baby, establishing an feeding and sleeping schedule for the baby, and provide assistance to breast feeding mothers, also answers any questions that parents are nervous about, based on her  experience and care.




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